Are Press Releases Crucial In An SEO Campaign?

If you’re a large business – even a small business can employ this measure – you will probably look to distribute news and information about your company through the advent of press releases. The typical press release will contain information about your company in a condensed paragraph, mostly company information including its foundation date and objectives, alongside contact details such as phone, address and email. The traditional press release, however, is being phased out for the more-convenient online press release. It is also entirely possible to structure your press release into your search engine optimisation campaign.

Public relations and SEO need to be intertwined into a campaign to prove effective in the long term. SEO Keywords, for instance, can be placed into your press release to help generate all-important links when you submit them to the relevant PR websites. A search engine optimisation press release though still needs to benefit from actual, relevant content. News stories about what your company has achieved will be valuable to people who read them, and an informative press release can be picked up by consumers and media interested in your industry.

Although the content is undoubtedly the most important part of your online press release, basic search engine optimisation principles still need to be employed. Keywords can be incorporated into the news story with the appropriate linking portioned within. The story itself is what sets press releases apart from other off-page search engine optimisation techniques, such as articles and blog posts.


PR not only stands for press release, it also stands for public relations. If you submit a press release to a distribution portal and it’s nothing more than poorly-constructed content which is keyword heavy, it will be ignored by your readership and will essentially slip under the radar. A press release needs to contain relevant information about your company and be entirely newsworthy to generate interest and circulate through word of mouth.

Search engines are not just a basic web service. There is a good reason why Google is so popular. Popular search engines and their spiders are able to effectively filter out spam content and can recognise messy SEO copy and duplicate posts. If this is the case and you try to trick a search engine through black hat and underhanded SEO methods, your site will be the first casualty and you will be penalised as a result.

Interest items are those niche topics that most businesses are reluctant to try, yet if executed timely and effectively can generate a massive following. Search engine optimization is all about traffic flow and getting people to visit your site. If you can think of an idea that is seldom touched upon in your industry for your press release or a dynamic, groundbreaking topic that nobody has thought to touch on yet, then people will be drawn to it and, effectively, visit your website.

A press release can be the face of your search engine optimisation campaign to the media and wider public, and I can help you to strategise a relevant and informative press release for your company.

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Check Up On Your Site With A Free SEO Analysis

Analysis of Website

If you’re a fledgling business looking to make an impact into the world of online marketing and you already have a website, you may be wondering why you aren’t getting the amount of traffic you feel you should be getting or wondering how to increase your product sales. The most likely cause is that you don’t have search engine optimisation utilised within the structure of your website and, as such, aren’t being ranked highly in search engine results pages on sites such as Google and Yahoo!.

I can offer potential customers a free SEO analysis on their website to help give clients an idea of where their website is currently standing and where to take it next if they choose to employ an SEO campaign. A free SEO analysis will help the SEO Consult team to see the basic structure of a website and will give them ideas on how to move forward. A free SEO analysis should be seen as more like a website health check than an overhaul and will gauge how it’s rated by the most popular search engines.

There are thousands of websites all over the planet and each one is unique and different. This is one of the reasons why a search engine optimisation analysis is so important, to find out what parts of your website are effective and work efficiently. This can also help when deciding where to take your SEO campaign. Search engine optimisation is a forever-changing industry and new, effective techniques are being discovered every day. Part of creating an effective SEO campaign is by making it creative and exclusive to your website which will help increase overall traffic.

Included in a free search engine optimisation analysis will be a check to see which keywords you are currently utilising and how effective they are. This will help them to find out which keywords will be most useful to implement into your campaign when taking it forward and will be specific to your goals, helping you to select relevant keywords to your website’s areas and expertise.

When choosing to have a free search engine optimisation analysis with me, you will be greeted by a consultant who will explain the ins and outs of the results with you. If you’re new to SEO and are unsure about what some of the phrases and technical vocabulary mean, don’t worry. The consultant will sit with you and explain the process step by step to make sure you’re never unsure about what is happening and what is being explained about your website.

Transparency is key with me, as it’s your website they’re working on! A free search engine optimisation analysis isn’t just there to confuse you with statistics and graphs. It is there to provide the groundwork for your future search engine optimisation campaign and to provide the foundations for a strong, successful website. Contact me for your free search engine optimisation analysis when you’re looking to climb up search engine rankings, and are really looking to impact upon your chosen market.

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What is this Google Rank Brain and how to use it to rank your website?

How Google Rank Brain Can Help You Rank Your Website

Most people have heard of Google, but what they do not know is what Google RankBrain actually is. This is an artificial type of intelligence, one that is computer operated, that Google has developed. It exemplifies what machine learning is. In the same way that a human being can learn something by experience, so also can a computer. This is leading to what many people refer to as artificial intelligence were a computer can not only learn, but may also be taught by virtue of what another computer can teach it. AI is something that has been imagined in many science fiction movies, but this is slowly becoming a reality.

RankBrain Graphic

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

This is where the RankBrain portion of the AI exists with Google. It is the algorithm which essentially oversees every aspect of the ranking system. All of the algorithms that have been done in the past including Penguin and Panda are part of the system, allowing Google to have a very comprehensive look at everything that people are doing. From the searches that are made to the websites that are uploaded, this is all processed by RankBrain, and it’s constantly looking for new signals. As those signals come up which could be changes in patterns that people have in their searches, or new keyword terms that are being searched for more than others, it can adapt and change the ranking of different websites all across the world.

How Can RankBrain Help You Rank Your Website

This is able to help you rank your website once you know what it is looking for. There are certain standards that Google is expecting when you upload content to the web. For example, it’s going to look for unique content, and user-friendly content, which will contain outbound links, images, and videos. The longer the content the better as this is typically more comprehensive, and links pointing to that content from different web 2.0 properties is also part of how the algorithm functions. As long as you can provide unique content consistently, and get links pointing to that content from different locations, you can boost your position on the search engines.

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Can a Small SEO Ageny Rank Higher For “City SEO” Keywords In The UK Than Bigger Companies?

SEO Graph

In order to rank high in the search engines for a variety of keywords, you need typically outwork or outsmart the competition. Thus, it would not necessarily be unattainable for a smaller SEO outfit to outrank a larger company. While it would certainly be difficult, it is something that can be done. Below, I will discuss some of the main ways that a smaller SEO company could ultimately outrank a larger one and show you some examples of it in action.

How a Smaller CEO Company Can Outrank a Larger One:

1. More Content.

The truth is, the more content you produce, the better you are likely going to rank for specific keywords. Thus, if you are willing and able to invest more time, energy, or money into your content production, you will be able to achieve higher rankings than a larger company. A larger company typically thinks that they are going to rank better in the search engines than smaller companies because of their respective size.

This is where a smaller company can take advantage of the confidence the larger company has by simply outproducing them. By working harder and producing or buying more content, you should be able to achieve higher overall rankings. A real life example of this would be this smaller Leeds SEO company, Brand That Name, who are outranking bigger SEO Agencies for hard to rank keywords. Looking at their pages that are ranking, they seem to have around 30-40% more content on their pages than there competitors.

2. Smarter Strategies.

A lot of the larger SEO companies outsource a lot of the things that they do. Thus, you can have an inherent advantage by keeping a lot of your strategies in-house or by outsourcing smarter. Coming up with more effective strategies is a great way to ensure that you are able to rank better than your competition. A lot of companies might outsource to a company that can cause troubles with their own ranking potential. By outsourcing smart and coming up with effective strategies to get your website to rank higher, you should be able to achieve high rankings.

Coming up with and implementing smart strategies can be done very easily by simply monitoring the market, seeing what algorithm changes occur, and being on top of them. Another good example here would Manchester SEO expert, Peter Wootton. Although clearly a one man band, he is ranking on page one of Google despite being surrounded by larger agencies such as Redcow Media and Gorilla Marketing

3. Being Faster.

A lot of SEO companies that are large have a lot of moving parts, a chain of command, and a management team. Thus, these companies are typically very slow to pivot and adapt to the changes in the marketplace. Because SEO is such a fast-paced and dynamic industry, it is extremely important to be quick to make changes, adapt, and pivot. Thus, a smaller company is going to be much better suited to make these changes on the go which puts them in a better position to achieve higher rankings in the search engines. Being faster is one of the key reasons a smaller company will have a competitive advantage over a larger one.

Overall, there are plenty of different reasons a smaller SEO company can rank higher than a larger one. The size of your company is not something that is inherently going to limit your ranking potential. You will be able to achieve high rankings as a small company just as you would with a larger one. The key is knowing how to be smarter and more efficient than the larger company and knowing how to quickly adapt to the changes that occur due to algorithm updates and other things. A smaller company might be at somewhat of a diadvnatgae in certain instancees, but you have the ability to adapt quicker, react, and really outsource a lot of the work to make your company operate just as efficiently as a larger company without having to spend the same kind of money to do so.

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Building An Email List For Digital Marketing

How To Build An Email List is probably one of the most asked questions amongst both newbie and seasoned Internet Marketers. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet in answering this difficult question but there are several options.

The first option is the most traditional way which is to build a blog site using either blogger or word press since it is a widely known fact that the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing which pretty much rule the Internet seem to like blog sites. If you haven’t tried blogging or if you have experience in blogging, getting your site listed on page one of Google is a very daunting task due to the various components involved like backlinking, article spinning, and content building to name a few. On top of the components, there are countless and I mean literally hundreds if not thousands of software and techniques to getting your site on page one of Google. Basically, you could get a brain freeze just trying to keep up. However, if you are not working with a big budget and want to build a quality blog site that can realistically get on page one using the more traditional techniques that will bring visitors, you should can get your feet wet by going to OMG which is where I learned all the basics. But Please Please remember to get an opt-in system set up on your blog. One of the easiest and cheapest is Aweber (I use this one). The purpose of setting up your blog is to collect emails through your blog site and hopefully sell a few affiliate programs if you are not selling your own.

The Second way of building your email list is by buying solo ads which basically means to pay someone who already has a fairly established email list and is willing to email your offers to their list. By purchasing these solo ads, you want to send out a squeeze page with either a cheap affiliate offer that you can hopefully be recouped your cost of buying the solo ad but the main focus should be to have people give you their email addresses. Setting up a squeeze page is another component that is extremely important in collecting peoples email addresses. This will be my next posting but in the meantime, if you want to go to a fairly reliable and the most popular solo ad exchange site, visit AdSwap (if you go through on this link, I will make a small referral commission that helps me keep this blog going).

The third way to collect emails is to use software systems that utilize a viral system to bring in multiple emails at once.

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