Analysis of Website

If you’re a fledgling business looking to make an impact into the world of online marketing and you already have a website, you may be wondering why you aren’t getting the amount of traffic you feel you should be getting or wondering how to increase your product sales. The most likely cause is that you don’t have search engine optimisation utilised within the structure of your website and, as such, aren’t being ranked highly in search engine results pages on sites such as Google and Yahoo!.

I can offer potential customers a free SEO analysis on their website to help give clients an idea of where their website is currently standing and where to take it next if they choose to employ an SEO campaign. A free SEO analysis will help the SEO Consult team to see the basic structure of a website and will give them ideas on how to move forward. A free SEO analysis should be seen as more like a website health check than an overhaul and will gauge how it’s rated by the most popular search engines.

There are thousands of websites all over the planet and each one is unique and different. This is one of the reasons why a search engine optimisation analysis is so important, to find out what parts of your website are effective and work efficiently. This can also help when deciding where to take your SEO campaign. Search engine optimisation is a forever-changing industry and new, effective techniques are being discovered every day. Part of creating an effective SEO campaign is by making it creative and exclusive to your website which will help increase overall traffic.

Included in a free search engine optimisation analysis will be a check to see which keywords you are currently utilising and how effective they are. This will help them to find out which keywords will be most useful to implement into your campaign when taking it forward and will be specific to your goals, helping you to select relevant keywords to your website’s areas and expertise.

When choosing to have a free search engine optimisation analysis with me, you will be greeted by a consultant who will explain the ins and outs of the results with you. If you’re new to SEO and are unsure about what some of the phrases and technical vocabulary mean, don’t worry. The consultant will sit with you and explain the process step by step to make sure you’re never unsure about what is happening and what is being explained about your website.

Transparency is key with me, as it’s your website they’re working on! A free search engine optimisation analysis isn’t just there to confuse you with statistics and graphs. It is there to provide the groundwork for your future search engine optimisation campaign and to provide the foundations for a strong, successful website. Contact me for your free search engine optimisation analysis when you’re looking to climb up search engine rankings, and are really looking to impact upon your chosen market.