If you’re a large business – even a small business can employ this measure – you will probably look to distribute news and information about your company through the advent of press releases. The typical press release will contain information about your company in a condensed paragraph, mostly company information including its foundation date and objectives, alongside contact details such as phone, address and email. The traditional press release, however, is being phased out for the more-convenient online press release. It is also entirely possible to structure your press release into your search engine optimisation campaign.

Public relations and SEO need to be intertwined into a campaign to prove effective in the long term. SEO Keywords, for instance, can be placed into your press release to help generate all-important links when you submit them to the relevant PR websites. A search engine optimisation press release though still needs to benefit from actual, relevant content. News stories about what your company has achieved will be valuable to people who read them, and an informative press release can be picked up by consumers and media interested in your industry.

Although the content is undoubtedly the most important part of your online press release, basic search engine optimisation principles still need to be employed. Keywords can be incorporated into the news story with the appropriate linking portioned within. The story itself is what sets press releases apart from other off-page search engine optimisation techniques, such as articles and blog posts.


PR not only stands for press release, it also stands for public relations. If you submit a press release to a distribution portal and it’s nothing more than poorly-constructed content which is keyword heavy, it will be ignored by your readership and will essentially slip under the radar. A press release needs to contain relevant information about your company and be entirely newsworthy to generate interest and circulate through word of mouth.

Search engines are not just a basic web service. There is a good reason why Google is so popular. Popular search engines and their spiders are able to effectively filter out spam content and can recognise messy SEO copy and duplicate posts. If this is the case and you try to trick a search engine through black hat and underhanded SEO methods, your site will be the first casualty and you will be penalised as a result.

Interest items are those niche topics that most businesses are reluctant to try, yet if executed timely and effectively can generate a massive following. Search engine optimization is all about traffic flow and getting people to visit your site. If you can think of an idea that is seldom touched upon in your industry for your press release or a dynamic, groundbreaking topic that nobody has thought to touch on yet, then people will be drawn to it and, effectively, visit your website.

A press release can be the face of your search engine optimisation campaign to the media and wider public, and I can help you to strategise a relevant and informative press release for your company.