How Google Rank Brain Can Help You Rank Your Website

Most people have heard of Google, but what they do not know is what Google RankBrain actually is. This is an artificial type of intelligence, one that is computer operated, that Google has developed. It exemplifies what machine learning is. In the same way that a human being can learn something by experience, so also can a computer. This is leading to what many people refer to as artificial intelligence were a computer can not only learn, but may also be taught by virtue of what another computer can teach it. AI is something that has been imagined in many science fiction movies, but this is slowly becoming a reality.

RankBrain Graphic

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

This is where the RankBrain portion of the AI exists with Google. It is the algorithm which essentially oversees every aspect of the ranking system. All of the algorithms that have been done in the past including Penguin and Panda are part of the system, allowing Google to have a very comprehensive look at everything that people are doing. From the searches that are made to the websites that are uploaded, this is all processed by RankBrain, and it’s constantly looking for new signals. As those signals come up which could be changes in patterns that people have in their searches, or new keyword terms that are being searched for more than others, it can adapt and change the ranking of different websites all across the world.

How Can RankBrain Help You Rank Your Website

This is able to help you rank your website once you know what it is looking for. There are certain standards that Google is expecting when you upload content to the web. For example, it’s going to look for unique content, and user-friendly content, which will contain outbound links, images, and videos. The longer the content the better as this is typically more comprehensive, and links pointing to that content from different web 2.0 properties is also part of how the algorithm functions. As long as you can provide unique content consistently, and get links pointing to that content from different locations, you can boost your position on the search engines.